[Review] The Curse of La Llorona was better than expected

The Curse of LA Llorona was better than expected to be honest.

I was expecting some jump scares with little acting and plot while it did have plenty of jump scares it also had plenty of heart in its plot with solid leads from Linda Cardelini finally getting the lead role she deserves. Also a kick ass Raymond Cruz kept the movie going at a nice and steady pace the Annabelle doll does make a cameo letting you know that this is part of the Conjuring universe and as far putting this on a Conjuring universe scale I’d place this somewhere in the middle. Its definitely a step up from The Nun which was so disappointing to me. Just have your expectations low and in check for this one and you’ll have a blast. I bet it would be really cool in IMAX or Dolby Cinema in my area my IMAX theaters are focused on the new Disney documentary so it’s not playing till late at night. I did however see this one in 4DX opening night and the experience was tame compared to Dumbo. You get the seats moving of course only got a couple water effects and got some scent effects which was cool but overall I’d say skip the 4DX on this one unless you want to blinded by lightning throughout.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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