[Review] Hellboy is a bit of a mess but a fun mess that can kill 2 hours on a rainy day

There has been numerous reports of a troubled set and fights between the star and the cinematographer along with the producers undermining the director. Whenever that happens there seems to be a code amongst critics to RIP the movie a new one. This comes no surprise to why Hellboy currently sits at a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean when The Room has a higher rating it should say something. The critics for the most part are over exaggerating things a tad here. It’s definitely not the worst superhero ever made we still have Punisher War Zone and the original Captain America(pre MCU). This is just one superhero movie that had one too many subplots going on(think Spider-Man 3) it was cool to see on IMAX(especially the gaints) however some moments did feel a little phoned in. Maybe it was a little rushed then edited down from a trilogy to just 2 hours. I would still say go see it especially if you’re on the AMC A list then what’s the harm? It does have a few highlights. Overall it is a bit of a mess but a fun mess that can kill 2 hours on a rainy day.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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