‘The Nun 2’ is apparently in the works

The Nun opened to mixed reviews from audience members and critics alike. I personally thought it had more potential on paper than the actual finished product left us with.

The producer of the Conjuring universe previously said. “I think there is an inevitability “We have a really fun storyline for that teed up, so I think that that’s the next one that will be written.”

He also talked about the inclusion of the demonic nun in the Conjuring 2 which was supposedly a last minute decision.

“Yeah, it was two days of additional shooting,” explained Safran. “We just felt like the demon that we had in Conjuring 2 was not as compelling as we wanted it to be. It was James of that came up with the idea. You know, what’s the most blasphemous thing you could think of? And that is a demonic nun.”

Here’s hoping they take their time on a proper sequel and improve on ideas from the original spinoff.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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