[Review] Happy Death Day 2U was an improvement on what made the original so much fun

I was hesitant to see this film after Jason Blum said that a third installment is unlikely but not impossible and I guess a lot of people were also being that I was only one in the theater(always the best part of going to the movies on an early Monday afternoon). Another easter egg is once the main Universal logo and how they split it up into 3, which plays an important part in the movie(think quantum realm). The writing, directing and acting are all stellar in this and unlike the first which took me two views to truly like and enjoy it. This one hits a home run on the first viewing. It started to feel like a Scream meta type franchise universe so it sucks it may not be able to be concluded with a third installment. Jessica Rothe is sure to be an iconic actress sooner or later and her turn as Tree is once again nothing short of magnificent. She is absolutely stunning and portraying her character with the perfect amount of sarcasm is priceless the death sequences are fun even though some might find it offensive how they portray suicide the way they do. Phil Vu is finally given his chance to shine and he doesn’t shy away from it. From the jump they make it clear he’s a major player in the franchise and I hope everyone from this cast gets their own movie soon. Suraj Sharma is the scene stealer as Ryan’s lab assistant. If you know the first one you know pretty much the premise of the sequel but it does include some twist that keep it going.

3.5/5 stars

Article written by Aaron Friar

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