‘World War Z’ Sequel’s Production has been CANCELLED by Paramount Pictures

Sad news for any fans of the 2013 zombie film starring Brad Pitt aren’t going to be too happy now. Earleir this week, Paramount Pictures has decided to shelf the long awaited sequel indefinitely before it’s initial summer shooting. The follow up had Brad Pitt returning to his role as UN investigator Gerry Lane while David Fincher was planned to helm the project. Both Pitt and Fincher would be reuniting for the fourth time, since they’ve worked on films such as Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Fight Club. This isn’t the first time that Fincher was attached to blockbuster franchises.

One of the core factors was over the film’s budget. Despite lukewarm reviews, the film managed to to earn $540 million dollars worldwide. The studio hasn’t outright stated if the film has been canceled completely, but it may not be the end for the franchise. Paramount come to the desicion to axe the project even when they were aiming for a international filming schedule. They had plans to shoot in five different countries, along with a six month shoot in Atlanta.

Sources indicate that Fincher planned to exceed the original $190 million dollar budget. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director, J. A. Bayona was originally attached to this project but left in 2016. With failed negotiations left and right, Paramount decided to halt production on the sequel. As of right now there’s no word if production will continue or not. With the underwelming box office performances of Annihilation and Bumblebee, it’s no shock that the studio is a little hesitant to work with a film budget higher than $200 million dollars. It is unforunate but hopefully, Paramount decides to move ahead with the project.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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