[Review] The Man who killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot was an emotionally driven career defining turn from it’s star Sam Elliot

Coming off his Oscar nomination for A Star Is Born it makes sense for the studio to release the movie now.

First half of the movie is filled with earth shattering suspense and excellent charachter development which is missing in most movies. I do declare this as one of Sam Elliot’s best if not his best. It was that good.

This title may throw a lot of people off. I have been raving about this to a few professors at my College also to casual friends and they all have the same respone to the title which is a slight laugh followed by “Really? That’s the title?”

Yes it is in fact the title and it lives up to it. I don’t think it would have worked with anyone but Sam Elliot maybe someone like Kurt Russell could have pulled it off but not on the same caliber as Sam.

I mean this is just as Oscar worthy as A Star Is Born if not more because he is the one carrying the whole film on his back. I say that because the actors in the flashbacks aren’t that great and would have been a terrible movie without Sam Elliot’s involvment.

He lifts this movie that much and Scott C. Miller did an INCREDIBLE job on the make up Bigfoot and everyone involved. His work was masterful. This movie is so unexpected and should be on everyone’s radar when it is released Tuesday on digital.

The second half of the movie when Sam Elliot’s charachter is recruited to kill the Bigfoot screams to be seen on a big screen, the scenery is amazing. This movie is a staggering 5/5 stars from me and the first truly great movie of 2019.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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