Is smart technology ruining suspense and horror sequences in the movie going experience?

So we’ve all had this experience where someone is on their cellphone throughout the whole movie right next to you or a couple seats over.

For the most part its distracting and disruptive to movies. While I was in the movies the past two times to see “Glass” and “They Shall Not Grow Old” people were attached to their phones more than the movie. Even when I went to see “Vice” and “The Favourite” there was really bright screens. Some part of me wants to go management and say “Hey theres been someone on their phone all showtime and might be recording” is it me or does REAL MOVIE GOERS have beef with people that do that we want to see the movie we don’t pay 7-15 bucks to stare at your Facebook feed and texts. Sorry to burst your bubble we don’t.

I miss the 90s where the movie going experience was about going to seeing the movies. On the other hand some part of me wants to ask what data plan they have? Now a little whispering here and there are fine in the movies(continuous excessive talking is what I hate) you can be seeing the new “Halloween” and someone distracts you by texting on their phone.

It’s an annoying occurrence and I miss when theaters had ushers throughout the movie when bootlegs were becoming an issue. One instance I had was someone was bootlegging “It” with his family like really come on man. I just really find cell phones to be a major distraction in the movie going experience. How about you?

Article written by Aaron Friar

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