[Review] Glass was the perfect way to end M. Night’s trilogy

In the beginning we’re once again introduced to James McAvoy’s(Split, Wanted, X Men)The Hoarde’ with a group of cheerleaders that have been kidnapped by him and have been living an unsure life and hasn’t been punished. Then very quickly we see David Dunn(Bruce Willis/ Unbreakable, Die Hard) and his son Joseph(which was cool to see him in the movie) checking the hoarde motive and where he hides versus to where he actually takes his victims. A very cool sequence is when M. Night reprises his role from Unbreakable and makes a cameo at David Dunn’s home security store as an awkward talk ensures about taking a walk which M. Night finally convinces Joseph to let David go for a walk which is a hint to let’s get this showdown started.

When David Dunn is walking the streets he finds Kevin rather easily almost too easily like it was set up…. After David follows Kevin we have the first fight we wanted then its non stop action from there I don’t want to give too much away but for me it was an exciting conclusion to the trilogy. I would place this up with The Sixth Sense as M. Nights second best film. The third act is filled with twist after twist till the very last second. This is not your typical superhero supervillain story that Marvel has spoiled us with it is darker than any DC comic adaptation. We all know how critics hate those. So stay distant from the naysayers make your own decision on this one. It’s one that will divide its audience.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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