Syfy’s Channel Zero Cancelled after four seasons

Nick Antosca’s critically acclaimed horror anthology series, Channel Zero is getting cancelled after four seasons.

Earlier this week, showrunner and executive producer of the show, Nick Antosca announced via Instagram that the series was being cancelled. Fans of the show like myself are upset with this news. However, there may be hope. We saw that last year, shows that were up for cancellation got saved by a variety of different cable and streaming networks. 

Such as Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Expanse etc. I wouldn’t get too worried just yet. The series premiered back in October of 2016 which was based off of a short internet horror story or creepypasta if you will. Especially off the cusp of their latest most narratively driven and nightmare inducing season, ‘The Dream Door’. It truly is unfortunate considering I love this show so much. 

It started off a bit weak but then slowly started to take form as the series continued. Hopefully the show gets picked up by Amazon or Netflix. Maybe even Hulu. Then again, Shudder is streaming the first three season with the latest coming soon. Maybe they can pick up the show for a fifth season. 

There is hope after all. Antosca is eager and confident to continue the series so we will be keeping an ear to the ground. I would suggest the show for anyone who is looking for a nice healthy balance of good storytelling, mystery and suspense, along with a dose of straight nightmare fuel. Syfy does tend to cancel really great shows despite having a solid audience. *cough* The Expanse *cough*. 

Either way, cancellations nowadays don’t worry me too much considering there are networks that are willing to scoop up a series. Especially, if fans of the series rally up with each other over social media. That’s exactly how Lucifer was saved. People created a hashtag, Save Lucifer and before you know it, the cast were also retweeting and posting then BOOM! Netflix comes in to save it.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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