[Review] Blood Fest is Bloody Fun

Owen Egerton’s 2018 “Blood Fest” begins with Dax (played by Robbie Kay) dreaming about the discussion he had with his mother the night of her untimely murder when he was a young child.

Instead of driving him away from watching horror movies – an activity he and his mother did together – the experience made him eager to escape the reality of life by consuming horror films.

His fascination with the genre escalated as he grew into adulthood. This tension is highlighted by an early scene he had with his father. 

After a brief argument in which his father does not give his blessing, Dax decides to accompany two of his friends to a horror festival that was advertised to bring blood and gore to the forefront and to put the horror back in horror movies.

The trio, as well as thousands of other fans of the genre, attend the festival and almost immediately regret their decision. 

The creator of the festival welcomes the scourge of people and then quickly notifies them that they are in a real horror movie. 

After this short build up, movie viewers are treated to a barrage of blood and gore. Festival goers are cut in half by chainsaws, stabbed brutally, and bitten to death.

The movie does a nice job of using traditional horror movie storylines – torture rooms (like those in Saw), wood killings (Friday the 13th), zombies, vampires, and clowns – in its product.

The film is definitely worth watching, even if it is only to see the ways characters are killed off while giving a nod to monumental moments in the horror genre.

Not to mention, you get to see Flynn Ryder (from Tangled) bite it.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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