Interview with Lili Bordan who plays Marta in The Conjuring spin-off ‘The Nun’

We recently talked with Lili Bordan, who plays Marta, wife of Grigor in The Conjuring spin-off The Nun.

Here’s the (great) interview:

1- Is there a difference between filming a movie and a tv series?

Lili: Most of the work I’ve done has been film, but I’m fascinated by the process of filming a TV series as well. The main job of any actor on any project regardless of format is to find the essence of the character and to understand their transformation. Whether I’m working on a TV series, a short film, a play or a movie, I always ask myself, “what is the journey of this character? How does this character change, and why?”

2- What were your feelings when you knew that you’ve been chosen to play a big role in the Conjuring franchise? 

Lili: I was very excited to become part of The Conjuring universe. It has grown a wide and loyal fanbase because of the endearing characters and storylines that shape it.

3- How do you feel being a part of the conjuring franchise forever? 

Lili: One of the things I love about film is the permanence of it. Being part of this Canon of work forever is a huge honor for me.

4- How was it filming a big horror film like The Nun with a such talented cast? 

Lili: My scenes were with Jonas Bloquet, who plays Frenchie and Tudor Munteanu, who plays my husband Grigor. I also met some of the other cast on set or at the premiere. It’s always thrilling to work with people that I admire and look up to.

5- What do you prefer: acting in a movie or a tv series? 

Lili: My most recent TV role was an episode of Hawaii Five-0 that airs this February on CBS. I enjoy TV work, but this past year has been about movies. The important thing is the project itself, not the format. What really gets me excited is great writing.

6- Would you like to play in more horror films? 

Lili: That depends on the writing. The genre is secondary to the quality of story telling. I hope to continue to work on projects that entertain but also leave you with something to take with you. Something that inspires or even just makes you think.

7- How was it to be a director? I know you are working on a series called La Reinita

Lili: Thank you for asking! I recently directed a teaser for a series that we are hoping to pitch to networks. The opportunity came unexpectedly but it’s been very transformative. It gave me great insight into my craft as an actor, but I also definitely got the directing bug. It’s very empowering.

8- Since it’s your very first time as a director, what was the biggest challenge while being on set? 

Lili: Everything went pretty smoothly. I would say my strength is getting great performances out of actors. The hard part was not acting the moments out for them, and letting them find it on their own which always leads to a more genuine moment captured. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted in my head, and it was pure magic to watch this vision unfold on the screen with the help of an excellent cast and crew.

9- if a Nun sequel is happening, would you like to be in it?

Lili: Absolutely! That will depend on whether the creators see a continuation of my character’s storyline. 

Lili has appeared in many movies including The Martian, Apparition, Curtiz, Book Club & many more.

Here’s some beautiful photos of Lili Bordan. Photograph: Sean Patrick

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