The Fate of The ‘Alien’ Franchise is unknown

Here we are. The start of a new year being 2019 and we’re already having more problems in Hollywood. I’m going to go on record and say that this is my most personal article yet. After dealing with how busy work was during the holidays and mental illness, I come back to this. 20th Century Fox has confirmed that no new ‘Alien’ films are currently being developed. Towards the end of last year, they were marketing that they plan on expanding the universe this year. 

All the fans (including myself) were of course hyped to see more from that world. Well now, who knows if that is still happening. Their video game department, FoxNext released  a mobile game earlier this week called ‘Alien: Blackout’, which has Ripley’s daughter, Amanda Ripley as the protagonist. Fox was met with an intense amount of backlash over this. The problem is that Fox was marketing their expansion of the universe but not being very clear what kind of platform it would be. 

Not only did they confirm no other game will be released, but no film will be released either. To me and many others out there, that is incredibly disappointing. The hard truth is that mobile gaming is a disgusting and cheap way for developers to make ends meet. That platform is definitely not the way to go when it comes to expanding your universe. How about television? Comics? Books? 

There are more efficient ways to expand a world through a medium and mobile gaming isn’t it. I’m not the one to judge but personally I think that Fox is going about this the wrong way. The marketed slogan is ReadWatchPlay.  The read and watch portion could be graphic novels or cinematics officially released by FoxNext. Each entry will be centered around Amanda Ripley. 

She made her debut in the console game, ‘Alien: Isolation’. It was a suspense horror story where an adult Amanda Ripley would be stalked across a dilapidated space station by a Xenomorph. It was a critical and commercial success so fans wanted more not only from her story, but a possible look into the future of the franchise. The game was canon after all. Unfortunately, that may not be the case now. 

We might not even get an ‘Alien 5’ with Sigourney Weaver at this point. It was put on hold when they decided to release ‘Alien: Covenant’ instead. Considering that film didn’t do so good commercially, no wonder Fox doesn’t have any interest in going forward. Maybe they think the approach is to do spin-offs and prequels. Whatever they choose to do, hopefully it’s what we want. Release a sequel to the game ‘Alien: Isolation’ and call Sigourney so we can get that ‘Alien 5’ in the works.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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