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First off this is not your typical pledge movie. It has hints of “Revenge of the nerds meets Eli Roth, meets Belko Experiment”.

I was floored while watching the film writer and star Zachery Byrd did an excellent job creating relatable characters as the lead. If there’s one flaw on modern horror troupes is that there are barely any likeable leads. Which made their journey standout.

First the synopsis.

Three friends get the chance to live the college dream when they’re invited to join an elite fraternity—but first they’ll have to survive the hazing from hell. Freshman social misfits Ethan (Phillip Andre Botello), David (Zack Weiner), and Justin (Zachery Byrd) are desperate to improve their terminally uncool reputations by pledging one of their university’s prestigious Greek houses. When every frat on campus turns them down, they are unexpectedly recruited by a shadowy social club offering them access to an exclusive world of raging parties, eligible coeds, and VIP social status. The catch? A sadistic initiation ritual that goes from depraved to deadly over the course of 48 booze- and blood-soaked hours. Spiked with twisted humor and gruesome shocks, Pledge asks: how far would you go to be popular?

When Ethan David and Justin are desperately seeking fraternities to just give them a chance there are so many humiliations along the way getting rejected. We all have that friend who will not give up no matter what they go through no matter how much you may want to punch them in the face you stick with them. That’s what these three characters to through. Then as a slimmer of hope opens up they almost give up until a shady beautiful woman walks up to them to invite to a fraternity that will gladly accept them.

This is where things take a left turn…

At first it’s your typical frat party. Liquor drugs beautiful women. Then when they are invited back to officially rush with the frat they are put through hell. You can tell the filmmakers wanted to push the envelope to the extreme which is why I mentioned Eli Roth at the beginning. I don’t want to spoil any of the scenes but there is one scene with a rat that is WOAH. I always find these kind of movies interesting from a psychological perspective. How much can one of these pledges take before they snap?

Speaking of which when these pledges do fight back they find out that they’re not the ones whom are pledging. They have to fight for their lives some won’t survive the night including some members of the fraternity.

I would highly recommend this movie IFC Midnight hits another homerun with Pledge. I didn’t find any weak spots with the acting and the ending was great! Most movies are 30 minutes too long. You don’t have to worry about that with Pledge. As it is on a tight 77 minute runtime.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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