[Review] Monster Party is uneven, yet has enough creep factor and fun to make up for it

This article is *Spoiler-Free*

Monster Party is the latest film directed by Chris Von Hoffman. This horror suspense stars Sam Strike, Erin Moriarty, Robin Tunney along with Julian McMahon and Lance Reddick. The movie is about three low time crooks and their attempt to rob a very wealthy couple. The twist is when they find out that the couple are hosting a support group for recovering serial killers. The premise is indeed interesting especially when you’re waiting to see which person will crack first or next. 

I’m usually not a fan of slasher films but when you have a cool concept, I’ll be open to it. It is unnerving to see each ex-serial killer interact with one another. Admitting that murdering people is intoxicating for them. It’s almost like ‘Intervention’ meets ‘American Psycho’. Whether or not this movie is an inside look into how serial killers think is up for debate. 

The slow pacing sometimes can’t be helped. Actually a lot of the time, it’s necessary to have a slow burn approach to a film. Sometimes it pays to world build first then progress the plot afterwards. For some, it could be too boring for the first half of the movie. For others, they can go into it with a fresh head and enjoy the show. 

I’m a fan of setting up the plot before getting straight into things. Either way I enjoyed the movie. The ending? Badass. I got very strong Grand Theft Auto vibes from it. I’d like to also mention it was nice seeing Julian Mcmahon and Lance Reddick. I’m a huge fan of both actors so it was a delight to see them again after a long time. I’m looking forward to what Hoffman has next for all us horror fans. 


  • Gore everywhere with a kickass ending.
  • Julian McMahon is a fantastic antagonist.
  • The atmosphere is unsettling, along with the music.


  • The pacing at first is a bit slow.
  • Not enough character development from the antagonists.
  • Cheesy one-liners.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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