Samuel Gauvin’s Top 5 best horror movies of 2018

This year was a good year for us, horror fans.

Today, I reveal my five favorite horror movies of this year. It might be different from your list but everyone has different opinions and I will tell you WHY I love these films and why they deserves the spots in my list.

5. Overlord

Why I love this movie: I love the whole concept, the graphics were phenomenal, there was alot of blood & it’s been long time since we’ve seen a pretty hard Rated R movie with alot of violence. The story was well written, the cast was credible & I love the fact that they put zombies into the world war 2. It was different than the other zombie movies.

4. The Ritual

Why I love this movie: When I saw this movie with my girlfriend, I wasn’t expecting to see a monster in the story. It looked like it was going to be another Blair Witch film. Well surprise, it wasn’t. The atmosphere of the film was brilliant, the special effects were well done, the monster was terrifying & cinematography was stunning.

3 – What Keeps You Alive

Why I love this film: Colin Minihan made an amazing film. I was NOT expecting the girlfriend of Jules (played by Brittany Allen) to be that much terrifying. The story could happen in real life (yes there is some things that could not happen, of course) so it made me feel more uncomfortable because this is so much real compared to the movies with ghosts. The actresses were amazing in their roles.

2- Halloween

Why I love this film: Directed by David Gordon Green, Halloween deserves the second spot in my list because of the story overall. We were all excited to see Michael Myers on the big screen again and this return (even if he never left) was unbelievable. I love the fact that this film was ultra violent. The atmosphere was creepy. The ultimate confrontation with Laurie was well done. I would love to see a sequel to this film.

1- A Quiet Place

Why I love this film: I absolutely loved every minutes of this film. The concept was phenomenal. It was a ‘never seen before’ concept with alot of original ideas. The monsters were terrifying and the fact that the family have to live in a world where you can be everywhere because the monsters are blind but if they make one sound, it’s the end. It was so cool.

Written by Samuel Gauvin

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