[Review] Secret Santa is a masterpiece

This new film by Adam Marcus shows his growth as a filmmaker and am proud to say one of the top 10 films of the genre this year we’ve had some great ones some that are okay and some that we’d rather forget about.

I had the pleasure to speak with Adam Marcus on my podcast “What 2 Discus Now”. He directed the final Friday the 13th film. He gets a lot of flack for it which is somewhat unfair he put a lot of cool easter eggs to other films in there( kind of like the “Ready Player One” of horror) this films plot is as follows. “An unknown assailant spikes a family’s Christmas punch with a military grade drug, leaving them fighting to survive the night.”

This is a really DARK COMEDY that is bloody brilliant which is sure to be a film I come back to every Christmas including the new “Anna and The Apocalypse” “Die Hard”. Noting that this is a film shot on a shoe string budget the way Adam directs his cast is admirable. You get quite a few standout performances. Debra Sullivan is amazing as the mother who is as evil as can be. You just despise her completely. The stuttering son is absolutely wonderful and delightful. This proves to be a major impact in Adam Marcus’ career and has me begging for more.


Article written by Aaron Friar

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