Michael Donaldson’s Top 5 horror movies of 2018

I have watched, and written about, a ton of horror movies this year. 

While I do enjoy talking about the movies that I have seen, it is especially interesting to me to hear the opinions of others on those films as well as those in which I have not yet viewed.

Like life, my perspective is limited and not necessarily the right one. But it is mine.

For that reason, I – here with my friends at Infamous Horror – came up with a list of my top five horror movies of the year. 

I could have went status quo and spoken about the highly anticipated Halloween or the well received Quiet Place

Instead, I went with a list that summed up my level of enjoyment while watching films. No, the following movies are not classics. No, they aren’t on everyone’s to watch list. 

In fact, people on the internet tend to rip them apart. But my taste is my own, and I found these movies very entertaining and worth watching multiple times.

I included two “monster” movies in my top five list. The Meg and Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell did not disappoint. The Meg satisfied my shark fascination, as I internally voted for the shark to take out as many humans as it could. 

Tremors, well, this straight to video movie (the sixth in the franchise) was simply hilarious to me and encapsulated what is fun about the monster genre.

In addition to the monster films, I selected two “supernatural” films: Insidious: The Last Key and The Nun

Neither of these movies were well received, however, I enjoyed both of them immensely. They weren’t frightening. There wasn’t a classical build up or an emotional rollercoaster. They aren’t Poltergeist or The Exorcist

Regardless, I found both films to be very effective at telling a “ghost” story, with enough moments that kept me in suspense and entertained over several viewings.

Lastly, I chose The First Purge as the film that rounded out my list. 

What can I say? I thoroughly enjoy the Purgefranchise. I will look beyond the plot holes and focus in on the concept that continues to drive my curiosity. What would humans do if they were given 24 hours to kill without consequence? What isn’t there to like?

I would be remiss if I did not give kudos to The House with a Clock in its Walls. That movie, which is not truly a horror movie, exceeded all of my expectations and may become an annually viewed film in my household.

Nice job 2018 in providing us with some entertaining films. Here’s hoping for a solid 2019!

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