Finally, The Russian Sleep Experiment Gets a Movie

The very well known and popular Russian Sleep Experiment story is being made into a movie, and if done correctly it could be one of the best horror movies ever created.

The film, entitled The Soviet Sleep Experiment(under a different name possibly due to copyright laws) directed by Barry Andersson and starring Chris Kattan is currently under development

There hasn’t been much presented about the film, but speculation surrounding the movie is significant. I, for one, am already aching for a solid trailer.

If the movie follows the plot of the story, it could be an extremely disturbing film (thinkThe Human Centipede) while being psychologically intense (along the lines of Get Out).

If you are not familiar; the story describes the torturous events that several prisoners of war faced for two weeks while being held captive in isolation.

The prisoners were locked in a dungeon of sorts, given very little food, and were forced to inhale a gas that kept them from sleeping.

By the time the sadistic scientists were ready to release the surviving prisoners from the experiment, those remaining (starved and obviously mentally broken) refused to be let free and fought hard to remain.

It is said that many of the original subjects were killed by those surviving captives.

If done well, this movie could be one that will have people talking for years to come – just as it’s predecessor in writing has done.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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