The Child’s Play TV Series moving forward

The creative minds associated with “The Purge” may have inadvertently started a new trend in the horror genre.

The success of their television mini-series has given rise to other horror franchises possibly bringing their product to the small screen.

Case in point: Child’s Play.

Don Mancini, franchise genius and creator, along with producer David Kirschner is bringing Chucky to television in an 8-part series.

It has been rumored that Mancini is not using this series as a reboot of the cult favorite franchise, but instead is going to offer more back story to characters within the Chucky-verse.

I, for one, am extremely eager to see how they focus on Chucky and his minions.

Instead of having to rush through a film in 90 minutes, writers will finally have the ability to show just how humorously wicked Chuck and his clan can truly be.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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