Johannes Roberts, director of 47 Meters Down, is now in charge of helming the ‘Resident Evil’ reboot

The director of “47 Meters down”, Johannes Roberts, is now in charge of helming the “Resident Evil” reboot and thanks to horror mastermind James Wan we have a new version of “Resident Evil” to look forward to.

As my good friend James Oster from Joblo says “In Wan we trust” now it does seem a little fast to reboot the franchise so quickly but this is the new day of Hollywood where things happen so instantly now.

Even James Wan previous franchise “Saw” just got rebooted with Tobin Bell still as Jigsaw!!!! I don’t have any preference on remaking or rebooting franchises as long as we can keep growing on the story and it doesn’t grow old. I was never a huge fan of “Resident Evil” but I got their appeal.

I have seen some comments on the internet wondering if they will follow the games more accurately than the previous installments did. There’s one major issue with that however they would isolate away much bigger crowd if they did that. Are you looking forward to the reboot?

Article written by Aaron Friar

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