Interview with Bonnie Aarons from the Conjuring franchise

Before I start working on Infamous Horror (the Facebook page) and on the website, I would never thought that an actress as big as Bonnie Aarons would even do an interview with me.

Well, I can say I now have an interview with her. I feel so lucky. Read the full written interview here:

1- How it was to work on The Nun with Corin Hardy and the whole cast?

A) Everybody was lovely and working with a director Like Corin Hardy is a dream for any actor!

2- What is your favorite horror film and why?

A) Bella Lugosi’s “Dracula”, because I remind myself of him.

3- Would you like to work on more horror films in the near future?

A) Yes, I would love to do any and all films! Horror, family fun, sci-fi, action adventure you name it! If there’s a great role for me then I’m IN!

4- Would you like to write & direct movies?

A) No, that’s way too much work. I really admire people who can sit down long enough to write a script.

5- How long the makeup process was to become The Nun? How much hours?

A) It was very quick! Not a lot of make-up this time. In fact I was wearing more make-up in Princess Diaries than I was for “The Nun”.

6- Do you have a favorite slasher? And why?

A) Leatherface, because that could actually happen

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