The first teaser-trailer for the Child’s Play remake is here

The new “Child’s Play” reboot – as it should – is receiving a significant amount of attention.

Chucky has fought, bitten, stabbed, and stamped his way into the hearts of horror fans worldwide, being that friend to the end that he promised to be from his first feature film.

No one can argue that the franchise has found its niche in the horror-comedy genre. Chucky has found a bride, an offspring, and a cult.

While the production of the reboot has just started, and the film synopsis is relatively simple, many fans of Chucky are wondering what the new film will be like.

One thing that fans of the franchise are considering is how different Chucky is going to look in the reboot. Besides his outward appearance, some fans are also wondering what the internal characteristics of the iconic figure are going to be.

While some people would like to see the reboot take Chucky and make him a horrifying menace (unlike anything we have seen from him), others want the campy doll to be as he always has been.

Although it is suggested that you check out the trailer to wet your chops, don’t set your sights too high. The trailer is not very informative and does not show us enough of what we all want to know.

The one thing that it does efficiently though is get us interested in what the new film has in store for us.

Sound off: should Chucky be a scary doll that is brutally violent or should the reboot keep Chucky the campy Killer many have come to love?

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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