Capcom’s critically acclaimed video game ‘Resident Evil 7’ inspires a potential film reboot

Now fans of the franchise are in for a treat. Screenwriter Greg Russo not only is attached to this project but he told media outlets that instead of rehashing the franchise, he wants a more focused story with ‘Resident 7’ as inspiration.

This game was a fresh new take on the franchise, going back to it’s horror roots. His vision is that he wants a solid horror story first and then action to be second. He believes that horror should be the main priority when making a horror film.

Personally, I love this direction that Russo wants to go with this project. Being a fan of the video franchise for years, its nice to have someone who wants to make an accurate adaptation of this great video game franchise. Similar to the films, after ‘Resident Evil 4’ the games started to become more action focused than the standard horror feel.

As Paul Anderson and Mila Jovovich are working on another Capcom video game adaptation, ‘Monster Hunter’, Russo came up with this idea. Beloved and acclaimed producer, James Wan became linked with the project about a year ago so Russo’s involvement has concluded.

Whether or not a studio will use his script is up in the air and no release date has been scheduled as of now.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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