[Review] Cam is a great film to watch this weekend

Cam is the new techno-thriller from Jason Blum’s Blumhouse production inspired by a former cam girl model’s story and also stars the former Cam girl model which makes the thriller more authentic especially with the currency of tokens and views to do whatever takes to get to the top rank.

The first half hour is quite the build up takes so long to introduce what’s going on which is one big fault of the film. We are introduced to characters of the chat room then we meet a random visitor who insist of the model to use a knife as a sex toy.

This is a graphic movie. She freaks out and the whole room is almost begging for her to block the user who is trying to get her to use the knife. Then she finally uses it to slit her throat blood goes everywhere and she pretends to be dead then removes the make up to show it was a hoax.

She gets praise from her usual customers for the act and has gotten pretty edgy from her early days in the chat room. As the plot thickens it gives us shades of “Unsane” meets “Unfriended: Dark Web” the only strong performance is from the lead actress. There a lot of reasons something like this ends up on Netflix with it being easier to consume at home. It’s a perfect movie to watch on a weekend afternoon.

3/5 stars.

Review written by Aaron Friar

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