[Review] Overlord is a good movie, but is far from being perfect

It has been a truly long moment before we’ve seen a zombie movie on the big screen. So I was happy to see a WWII movie with zombies.

The movie starts with a pretty amazing scene where all the soldiers are in the plane ready to face the Nazis & Hitler. We all knew what would happen next; spoiler alert, the plane gets hit.

When the soldiers jumps off the plane, the cinematography is stunning. While they’re flying in parachute, the graphics are fucking amazing.

The more we were in the movie, the more we know about the experiences the Nazis are trying on humans. And it is truly terrifying. The liquid they’re putting in humans makes them, almost immortal. And they become zombies, but in another form. It’s not the typical zombie virus, it is more than that.

I liked the special effects, I always loved how Hollywood was doing the makeup for Zombies, it’s amazing, right?

However, the movie was predictable as hell. The jump scares were easy and nobody in the theaters was affraid so for this side, it was unfortunate.

Overall, the had a good moment and I liked the film enough to be excited for the sequel. I give it a 7/10.

Overlord is now playing everywhere.

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