[Trailer] Look Out, A Clownado is Approaching

As a fan of just about everything that involves scary clowns, I am eagerly awaiting to view the new film Clownado.

Yes, the title is cheesy.

Yes, I hope the film masterfully separates itself from its similar namesake, Sharknado.

And yes, I hope to see some creepy, terrifying clowns rip people to shreds.

If the trailer is any indication, the mood of the film, its use of juxtaposition (the shooting in the style of film noir), and the amount of blood, should provide a visually dark and entertaining gore fest.

Many people are sure to say that the film looks stupid. That it looks like a cheap sy-fy channel film. That the idea of clowns that kill is played out. And my suggestion would be not t watch it then.

But rest assured, sometimes campy, gorey titles that don’t overuse special effects and keep the story plot simple are sometimes the most fun to watch.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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