[Review] Scarecrows Is Truly Frightening

Stu Stone and Uncork’d Entertainment outdid themselves with their soon-to be-released horror, Scarecrows.

The film follows four high schoolers – Becca, Ash, Ely, and Farbsie – who are looking for a good time. They are supposed to go to the beach but Farbsie encourages Ely to make an unscheduled stop near a cornfield that is said to hide a magnificent and well-hidden lagoon.

After hours of walking, the group stumbles upon the rumored lagoon and enjoys some hormone-driven fun. Once they wrap up that side quest, the group decides to head back to the beach. Ely and Farbsie head back to the car only to find that their car is missing.

At about the midway point of the film, the group advances toward a farm house in hopes of finding help. Up to this point the film is relatively lighthearted. Things, however, take a drastic and suspenseful turn as members of the group are brutally tortured one by one.

The pacing of the film, the use of music, and the direct contrast between the first half of the film and the second half are spot on. The use of the first half of the film to set the audience at ease, only to have them thrusted in a torture room is extremely effective.

If you enjoy horror movies that provide a great deal of suspense, as well as a good amount of brutality, this film is for you. It will be released on video on demand in December and on DVD in February.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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