Scarecrows, Potentially a Terrifying Film

“Stay off my lawn.” These simple words have grated the souls of youth for generations.

The soon-to be-released Scarecrows, directed by Stu Stone for Uncork’d Entertainment, however, provides a glowing endorsement for why people should heed that simple command.

The film follows the events that surround a group of uninvited high schoolers who decide to journey through a cornfield.

For their troubles, the young adults are captured, tortured, and crucified by a psychotic farmer. After they are crucified, the victims (on their posts) become the land’s scarecrows. As the tag line for the film reads, “Once you go up, you never come down.”

The trailer for the film does a solid job of capturing the audience’s attention. It provides potential movie watchers with a glimpse into possibly a terrifying movie.

The film will be released on video on demand in December and on DVD in February. This horror fan, for one, is excited to see it.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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