Don’t Breathe 2 script is done & the sequel will happen before Evil Dead 2

Fede Alvarez is getting his first big studio motion picture with “The Girl in The Spider’s Web” which looks absolutely phenomenal and the next big female heroine to come the screen.

Fede has a knack for suspense films like with previous hits “Don’t Breathe” and “Evil Dead” which were both ferociously visionary in their equal right. I personally liked “Evil Dead” better. Fede has learned the game of Hollywood studio movies and has kept shut about his upcoming projects which is probably best. You never want to tease a fanbase and the movie eventually gets scrapped.

Screen Gems released “Don’t Breathe” in August 2016 and it became a horror blockbuster, earning over $150 million worldwide opposite a budget just under $10 million. The film centered around a group of kids who try to rob a blind man, only to realize he can’t easily be fooled. Alvarez’s “Evil Dead” opened in April 2013

The Girl is The Spider’s Web comes out November 9th.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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