The new poster for ‘Leprechaun Returns’ has arrived

LIONSGATE has just released news that LEPRECHAUN RETURNS will be available on Digital and OnDemand December 11th, 2018.

Along with the news, they also released an official poster for the film that features the Leprechaun climbing out of a well. The well looks similar to the well from the original film where he met his demise. In the original 1993 film the title character had a four leaf clover shot down his throat and he falls down a well.

It seems that this entry of the series is going the same route as this years HALLOWEEN, and will be a direct sequel to the original, LEPRECHAUN. But is anyone honestly worried about the Leprechaun’s continuity or just ready to see the Leprechaun doing what he does best and search for his gold and kill people in some unique and amusing ways.

This time around the Leprechaun will be played by Linden Porco (CULT OF CHUCKY) and co-stars Mark Hilton from the original 1993 film. The films is also being directed by THE VOID’s Steven Kostanski.

Synopsis :

“The deadly, wisecracking Leprechaun is back in all his gory glory. When the sorority sisters of the Alpha Upsilon house decide to go green and use an old well as their water source, they unwittingly awaken a pint-sized, green-clad monster. The Leprechaun wants a pot of gold buried near the sorority house, but first, he must recover his powers with a killing spree—and only the girls of AU can stop him.“

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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