Move aside ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Channel Zero’ is the King of Horror Television

Showrunner and creator, Nick Antosca will be producing Channel Zero.

Don’t get me wrong, American Horror Story is definitely a great show in its own regard. After the third season, Coven, the show hit a stalemate with me personally. That could be because the franchise has gone too long or because of the inconsistent writing as well. Similar to its rival television show, Channel Zero breaks their seasons apart by listing a new season as a ‘new series’.

I don’t want to talk too much about the show’s narrative because of spoilers but, I will say this. The show involves a contortionist clown. For those of you who are frightened by clowns, that’s enough nightmare fuel in itself. Each season not only has its own flair but starts to have you question if the entire franchise is connected to each other.

The production value is excellent with superb acting from upcoming actors and actresses. Yes, it is very creepy and unnerving. It doesn’t go for your classic jumpscares but it pulls you in with its cold and harrowing atmosphere. Those of you who have a Shudder account, should consider giving this television show a chance. The first three seasons are available via streaming of course. Just in time for spooky season, Channel Zero is the next binge-worthy television show to add to your list.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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