The Grudge Is Being Released Earlier Than Expected

The release date of the next movie in the Grudge franchise has been the topic of conversation in some circles.

It has been stated that the film was originally scheduled to be released in 2018.

2018, however, has been a year that has graced fans of the horror genre with several anticipated films. For that reason, movie executives early on thought it wise to best release the new film without as much competition.

Therefore, the studio decided to push back the date that it would be released to August of 2019. Recently, that date has changed again. The newest release date is now June 21, 2019.

Besides the change in release date, other big news from the film is that Takashi Shimizu, who had involvement in each of the film’s predecessors, did not play a role in the current reboot.

While fans of the franchise may be concerned that he is no longer on board, sometimes a fresh eye and new focus can be the best thing for a film in which fans of the franchise have become too familiar with the general plot and sequence of events in a movie.

With any luck, after the flip flopping of dates and a new general sense of direction, the film is ready to capture the audience and scare them unlike any of the films before it.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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