First look at ‘The Prodigy’ starring Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott

As we are heading towards the end of a solid film year, we are granted with more trailers for upcoming horror movies.

One of the latest is ‘The Prodigy’ that has two breakthrough stars of the industry. Both Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott have been making a name for themselves. Scott being in the highly successful horror film ‘IT’ as Geordie and Taylor Schilling in the critically acclaimed Netflix television show, ‘Orange is The New Black’.

The trailer has Schilling playing the mother of a possessed child, while Scott is the possessed child. Scott does a very good job at making you feel uneasy. It’ll be interesting to see Taylor Schilling try her hand at a horror film so fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, this film is slated for a release of February 2019. The early months of a year are usually where studios dump bad films into oblivion so hopefully this isn’t the case here. I can completely understand why it would be difficult to be excited for this film. It is releasing after spooky season after all. The film is being directed by Nicholas McCarthy, with Tripp Vinson producing and a script by Jeff Buhler.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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