[Review] Halloween, the masterpiece we needed

I just came out from the premiere of Halloween and I am speechless.

The movie starts with a intense scene where we see Michael in his institution. Two journalists named Aaron Korey, played by Jefferson Hall & Dana Haines, played by Rhian Rees, comes to talk to Michael. After trying to talk to Michael, he gets out of his bag the principal piece of the Myers costume, the famous mask. All patients starts getting weird and Creepy.

I must admit that I was stressed as fuck after the terrifying opening scene. The movie build up the hype until the very last moment in a great way. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Halloween has alot of scary parts. I loved every jump scares of it. Nobody can guess when the jump will come. That’s an amazing thing, right? Also, the kills of Myers are just as gory as we wanted. The film has a rare violence and that’s a good thing.

Michael has never been that brutal. He has no pitty. He kill everything that comes on his path. He is determined to finish what he started.

Halloween is the sequel we needed. The movie is very well written. Actors are absolutely fantastics. Everything of this movie is perfect. I am happy to give an amazing 9.5/10.

You HAVE to see this movie on the big screen for Halloween.

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