Robert Englund Encourages A Prequel to Nightmare on Elm Street

It has been reported that Robert Englund recently suggested that the franchise that he helped make famous should create a prequel.

The backstory of Freddie Krueger has already been established and is well known by those who are fans of the canon.

Before becoming the murderer of teenagers in their dreams, he killed several children. Parents in the neighborhood were so angry that a mob handed out their own brand of justice.

Although the idea of a prequel is interesting, fans have had to endure their “beloved” Freddie portrayed by actors not named Englund – including Jackie Earle Haley.

If one was to already know the overall backstory of Freddy Krueger, and Englund was not signed on to take back his role, it would be a film not well received.

Additionally, the disturbing ways that Krueger killed his victims throughout the franchise, which helped make the movies memorable, would not be permitted in a movie.

It is very doubtful that any studio would take on a project in which the mutilation and dismemberment of children would be given the green light.

Trying to recapture the magic of the original Nightmares is honorable but it does not seem like such a film would be good for anyone – fan and entertainer alike.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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