World War Z sequel to begin shooting next June with David Fincher directing

The long awaited sequel to the 2013 zombie film, World War Z is finally coming with David Fincher to lead the pack.

Shooting is to begin next June with Jeremy Kleiner and Dede Gardner producing. In promotion of their new film “Beautiful Boy”, they unveiled the news. Brad Pitt is returning as ex-UN employee Gerry Lane and we couldn’t be more excited with this news.

The sequel has been met with a long list of delays but Kleiner and Gardner reassured that the project is still happening and that they’re aiming for next summer. Screenwriter Denis Kelly, is linked with the film as the script is still in development. Fincher’s work on the second season of Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ is slated to finish around December.

Not only will the new episodes land on Netflix, Fincher can direct his focus towards the film. The original film was met with lukewarm reviews despite resonating with an audience. Personally, I liked the film alot. This film actually released when my mother was still working at Paramount Pictures so I was able to attend the early screening of it and no I didn’t get to meet Brad Pitt. However, one of my mother’s coworkers was able to attend lunch with the director, Marc Foster.

Fincher has a past of working on very dark and foreboding material so we are all in for his work on this upcoming film. It’s good to know that the sequel is officially happening and with David Fincher directing? I can’t wait!

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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