Villains are amongst us in first full trailer for ‘Glass’

The first full official trailer for “Glass” was released today and shows off plenty of new footage including Elijah’s mother being back in the mix!

This seems to be the grounded superhero movie ever. It’s really cool to see some of the fight sequences between James McAvoy and Bruce Willis in the trailer and Samuel L Jackson manipulating everyone.

This is one of my most anticipated movies of 2019 already. Split surprised me and gave us James McAvoy best performance of his career. Unbreakable is one of M. Night’s most solid efforts.

This is looking to be a box office hit in the midst of superheroes reigning supreme. Hopefully there will be more trailers to come in the following months. Until then this trailer should hold you over.


Bruce Willis
James McAvoy
Samuel L Jackson
Anna Taylor Joy
Sara Paulson

Written and Directed by:

M.Night Shyamalan

Article written by Aaron Friar

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