Are we getting an ‘Alien’ television series?

There’s been some recent talk of a ‘Alien’ television series since July and it might’ve found a home.

Hear me out because this can either be a hit or a miss. I know that ‘Alien Covenant’ left a really bad taste in people’s mouths (mine included along with my mother who’s a huge fan of the franchise). I think that a Alien franchise can actually work. There isn’t any episode lists, plot details or anything like that nor is there a specific service in mind.

The rumor is that the series would follow a team of space marines on the colony, LV-426. When the Disney/Fox deal finally finishes, this could open up more opportunities for the television show to have a home.

FOX could be a likely candidate considering it could be made for mature audiences and Disney wouldn’t put something so dark and gruesome on their upcoming streaming service. Considering the success of recently released, ‘The Predator’, maybe the Xenomorphs and the Predator race can have a shared universe. Not only that, but it can be fleshed out a little more in a television series.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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