Sometimes Dead is better in the first official trailer for Pet Sematary

The first teaser trailer for 2019’s adaptation of Stephen King’s masterwork “Pet Sematary” has been released and at first glance whew is it a dosey.

The score sounds masterful and it looks like they nailed the dread of the book!! Jason Clarke looks perfectly cast. John Lithgow maybe the most surprising casting of the bunch but has proven his acting chops over the year (See “Dexter” when he played Trinity) I am so stoked beyond expectations are sky high for this.

This might prove Stephen King’s work were ahead of it’s time noting the original adaptations didn’t capture much of the original work even the infamous “The Shining” was notably hated by Stephen King.

Synopsis for this new adaptation is as follows. “A man and his wife move into a house that’s located next to a mysterious cemetery for animals.”


Jason Clarke
John Lithgow
Amy Seimetz

In theaters April 4th, 2019.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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