The home release of Mandy will have Extended/Deleted Scenes

The critically acclaimed film starring Nicolas Cage is being released on Blu-Ray and DVD format on October 30th.

The film garnered critical success and a somewhat of an resurrection for Nicolas Cage. Granted, he’s choice of movies have been quite questionable however, Mandy is a gem for any fan of his.

The film is a must-see/must buy for sure! The home release of Mandy will feature extended scenes and deleted scenes as well. The release will also feature behind the scenes content as well. The film didn’t do so hot with its theatrical release, only earning $1 million in the box office.

It’s unfortunate because it was released on on-demand and VOD platforms on the same day. This film could possibly be the greatest film that he’s done in years but it would definitely be a movie to add to your personal collection.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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