James Wan no longer directing The Conjuring 3

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but James Wan is no longer directing The Conjuring 3.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema has enlisted ‘The Curse of La Llorana’s’ Michael Chaves to direct the film. Wan is set to direct Aquaman, which comes out over Christmas. It makes sense that he’s stepping down as director since he’s most likely very busy directing Aquaman. However, he is still going to produce The Conjuring 3 through his production company, Atomic Monster.

Wan’s Atomic Monster and New Line Cinema will be reuniting with Chaves for his directorial debut, ‘The Curse of La Llorana’. Original writer for ‘The Conjuring 2’, David Leslie Johnson is returning for the next film in the Conjuring franchise. The Conjuring franchise has been a global sensation, pulling in almost $2 billion dollars for Warner Bros. The recently released spin-off ‘The Nun’, has managed to earn a gigantic $330 million dollars, making it the most successful film in the franchise.

It’s unfortunate that Wan isn’t directing ‘The Conjuring 3’ anymore but at least he is still involved with the film so we can only hope for the best. The man does have a busy schedule so it’s only fair that he’s stepping down as director. It definitely leaves him more to work on other projects and focus more attention to Aquaman

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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