[Interview] The Halloween Stuntman sat with us to talk about upcoming movie

We’ve had the chance to interview Hollywood stuntman Dale Miller who did stunts in the new “Halloween” movie coming out in October directed by David Gordon Green and Written by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer. Here’s the questions:

1) How did you get started as a stuntman?

A: I just kinda fell into it lol. No but seriously,I have been in Martial Arts most of my life, and my Karate teacher son was doing a movie called ‘The Detail’ and he wanted people that could do the moves so he brought us in, and that was my first taste of stunts. I then got the bug for stunts and acting, and as an actor I was very physical in my parts. I started out like a lot of people on the INDY scene, and still do at times, but I wanted to bring more to the table and keep people safe at the same time. So I sought out the best to get the training needed to do that.

2) Could you tell us any crazy on set stories?

A: Oh man could I, but these people are still alive so I will pass on this one, lol.

3) How hype and excited were you when you booked the gig for Halloween?

A: To be part of a franchise that is 40 years in the making,so beloved, and changed the face of horror for ever is a blessing to me. I got called to have a meeting with the stunt coordinator Rawn Hutchinson, who is a legendary stunt man. I wanted to work with him on what ever he was doing. We met but I still had no ideal what the fill was, they always use code names for these thing and this one was called Uncle Orange. I found out later that day from another legendary stunt man that it was ‘Halloween’ I then prayed every day they picked me for it until I got the call.

4) Any stunts you think we should keep an eye out in the film?

A: I cant say anything on that they would kill me lol. All I can say is don’t blink and use the bathroom before hand. This thing is brutal!

5)Did you work close with Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis at all?

A: I got to work with , Andi Matichak , Drew Scheid, Will Patton, James Jude Courtney “The Shape”, and David Gordon Green.

6) If you did can you tell us how they were?

A: All of them very personal and great to work with, one of the best times I have had on set. I will how ever never forget that I set in David’s directors chair and went over some footage with him standing behind me talking me through it and getting my thoughts . Hope that makes the behind the scenes lol.

7) Do you have any upcoming projects you want to plug?

A: Yes, I have a movie that is soon to be on the shelf called ‘ANGEL’ Directed by Tory Jones of JonesTown Films and Produced by Shawn Burkett of Concept Media. This film is a wild ride. Not only will it get your heart racing from the fear aspect, it will also pull at your heart from the emotional ride it takes you on. Film stars Myself, Katie Stewart, Sonya Delormier, Cameryn Zupon.

Halloween hit theaters on October 19.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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