Sony Pictures unleashes the new international poster for Venom

Earlier today, Sony Pictures released the brand new international poster for Venom and it is just glorious.

Fans have been wanting a Venom movie for some time now and they are finally getting one with Tom Hardy not only playing as the journalist, Eddie Brock, but he is also voicing the symbiote as well.

The poster albeit great, doesn’t particularly stand out as gripping or unique. The marketing of this movie is a double edged sword. You have the same actor portraying both parts so we’ll see if the movie delivers the yarned for punch that it deserves. The movie does take place outside the MCU so do not expect Tom Holland as Spider-Man to show up.

Sony is marketing this movie to be the first of many movies they have lined up to be apart of their own cinematic universe with Sony-owned Marvel characters like Black Cat and Silver Sable. However, the movie itself will be an adaptation of two Venom comics, Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes. Be sure to check out Venom when it hits theaters October 5th.

Article written by Brandon Samuel

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