Kane Hodder thinks there should be one more Friday the 13th movie

Kane Hodder thinks there should be one more Friday The 13th movie and I tend to agree.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the series but I enjoyed it for what it was. Let us never forget the ultimate Kevin Bacon(who is now my favorite actor of all time) experience in the original.

Now there are plenty of fan theories that claim F13th takes place in The Evil Dead universe. Could you imagine how badass it would be to utilize some of that in the next F13th movie if there is another one? We know Bruce Campbell is done as Ash but man wouldn’t it be cool if a younger Ash was introduced in the F13th movie? To start off a crossover?

One could only hope there could be so many cool countless possibilities for this franchise let’s say if Jason Blum gets his hands on it. He also now has Halloween. Let that sink in for a second we could possibly get a Halloween and F13th crossover. Sorry if I’m fanboying out at the possibilities. However back to reality as the series in a state of legal limbo which is highly disappointing if that ever gets resolved it would be a fun day for horror fans. If you’re missing Jason Vorehees I highly recommend watching the Hatchet series if you haven’t already.

Side note: If there is another one it would be the 13th movie in the franchise.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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