[Review] Distrust is a fantastic game

A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of access for indie horror game, ‘Distrust’.

As of August, it marks the one year anniversary of the game. I was scrolling through the horror section on the Steam store and saw it so I had to get my hands on it. It’s marketed to be inspired by John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ (my favorite horror movie of all time).

The game is developed and published by independant game studio, Alawar Premium. The game features a cast of fifteen unlockable characters, three of whom are avaliable to you at the start of the game. You play as an explorer, abandoned in the Artic. The goal of the game is to stay warm, sleep and of course eat food. The game also has a survival aspect to it so actions can cost stamina like moving around and searching the different buildings in each zone. You can food to cook, crates to break down once looted etc.

I really liked how there is also a cooperative feature so there is indeed multiplayer. You can play with two other people online, wheather it’s with random individuals or with your friends. The game can be saved and continued whenever you want so you don’t have to start over once you’ve left a multiplayer session.

The game has horror elements so when you sleep, the anomolies appear to wreak havoc on the base. They all have different abilities to keep track of. Weaponry is rare within the game so trying to fight them is ill-advised. The game is rougue-like so when you die or go to different zones once unlocked, the buildings will always have differentstuff in them. Each explorer will have a different array of abilities like one explorer can supress their hunger, one can stay warm longer in the cold etc.

My favorite aspect of the game is the fact that it is challenging. This game is not easy by any means but that’s why I enjoyed it. I died a lot. When you achieve different side objectives, you can unlock more of the characters. An aspect that I thought was a great touch was when one of your meters drops too low, you recieve a debuff. Debuffs are hinderence effects that you recieve such as extreme hunger, anger and things of that nature.

As the explorer dives into madness, you have to make sure the situation doesn’t get any worse. The game is loads of fun but it does require alot of focus because of the mentalpressure that it gives you. There isn’t a whole lot of things that I didn’t like about the game. The game does get a bit repetitive once you complete the first zone.

As for the creatures that appear, they aren’t intimidating and doesn’t seem to pose too much of a threat once you’ve passed the first couple zones. By then, you’ll be able to maneuver yourself around them. There is a lack of variety with the creature design but it doesn’t ruin the experience by any means. Trust me when I say that you’ll have a blast with you and your friends. Once you’ve seen a couple zones, you’ve seen them all. For veterans of survival games will have fun whereas new people to the genre such as myself will feel pressured. No game is perfect and they all have their strengths and weaknesses but overall this game is a solid entry in the survival horror rogue-like games and I’m curious to see what Alawar comes up with. Either way I had a fantastic time playing it and will continue to do so.



  • Outstanding survival gameplay with a nice touch of horror.
  • Rogue-like features.
  • The difficulty is brutal and not easy by any means.


  • The building design is repetitive
  • The creature spawns can be annoying and frustrating at times.
  • Loot spawns can be a little unbalanced.

Review written by Brandon Samuel

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