Updates on the upcoming movies from the Conjuring Universe

The Nun earned $136 million worldwide at the box office in its opening weekend.

Although the film has its detractors, the overwhelming financial success, ticket sales, and overall interest has further enhanced the Conjuring Universe.

The level of interest among fans is at a near all-time high and has led to conversations surrounding at least another two films in the saga.

The untitled Annabelle 3 is slated to hit the theaters on July 3, 2019. Additionally, Warner Bros. Pictures has made a commitment to get the third installment of The Conjuring into the movies in 2020.

The third Conjuring is still pretty far off on the horizon, and – as expected -there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding it.

James Wan may or may not be back to direct the film; production most likely will begin early next year; the plot of the story is in its earliest of stages.

However, it has been established that David Leslie Johnson has agreed to return to write the screen play and has begun the writing process.

Fans of The Conjuringfranchise are eager to hear of anything related to the series, and knowing two movies are in the works is extremely exciting.

They have plenty of time to discuss amongst themselves what they would like to see in the upcoming film, consider the possibility of the Nun making its third appearance in a film, and scan the web for updates and trailers.

As always, the series keeps them on the edge of their seats in anticipation. They are just glad to be part of the paranormal ride.

There is also a spin-off of The Crooked Man from The Conjuring 2. The script is said to be in the writting session.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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