[Review] Mandy is easily in Nicolas Cage’s top 5 performances of his career

First reaction from this movie was it was a cult masterpiece and such an iconic role for Nicolas Cage to drown himself. If that batshit crazy events that follow him for a harrowing 2 hour run time, the first hour and a half are a real slow burn that grips you with an incredible score by Johan Johanson of Sicario 1 and 2 fame.

The visual effects of the monsters and the scenery are so psychedelic it makes you feel like an acid trip the script is fantastic if it was fast paced I feel like the story wouldn’t have the same tense build up and just felt all over the place which is why I’m glad they did the film the way they did. Yes I already ordered this off iTunes.

This is easily in Nic Cage’s top 5 performances of his career. He just goes all out and that’s what we want from one of his characters. It’s just pure evil and madness man!! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience hell I may even see it in theaters and PAY AGAIN!

It’s that good! Now we at Infamous Horrors have gotten a good relationship with the studio that produced this and it’s one of their strongest horror entries since “Bone Tomahawk” but this would make for a great double with Clive Barker’s “Lord of Illusions” if you wanted to do a double feature this week.

This is it all of the crew killed it including the lighting department gave us a knockout lunch of dark ambiance that will give you chills.


Review written by Aaron Friar

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