The shape has returned and is said to be more brutal than ever

David Gordon Green’s Halloween premiered late last night at the Toronto International Film Festival, and for all those in attendance were very impressed.

The film was featured in TIFF’s “Midnight Madness” offering and has been hailed as “the best since John Carpenter’s original.”

From all the Twitter reactions, Halloween 2018, is going to be gory, genuinely scary, funny and even emotionally moving. There are some complaints and the complaints are geared more towards the comedy in the film. From the complaints it seems that some of the jokes are falling flat and that a lot it seems out of place. With Danny McBride and David Gordon Green helming the film funny moments were pretty much guaranteed to take place, but is there too much comedy??

Most of those that were in attendance enjoyed the film thoroughly and praised the cast, Jamie Lee Curtis particularly, as well as David Gordon Green’s direction. Some have even said that Jamie Lee is the best parts of Ripley and Sarah Connor all rolled into one and that the women of the movie are complete badasses, including Judy Greer.

I cannot wait to see the movie and see how it compares to all the films that came before, the good and the bad. There are also said to be some throwbacks to the original, along with a surprise cameo that we wouldn’t have ever expected. A few of the Twitter reactions have me very very curious of the movie. One in particular is a Tweet that asks themselves “Um, why did I just cry in HALLOWEEN?” from Twitter user @katiewalshstx.

So are you still excited to see Halloween? Let us know in the comments along with which film from the HALLOWEEN franchise has been your favorite. Halloween is coming October 19.

Article written by Daniel Bowers

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