The brand new Halloween trailer is here and it is terrifying

The new Halloween trailer ups the ante and shows us a bit more of the plot and shows us what we can expect from this terrifying new installment starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer.

JLC looks to be in full Sarah Conner mode in this new take and will be the heroine we remember from the original I am geeking out how amazing this new material is!! Are you pumped for this new take as I am.

It looks to go toe to toe with the original. The score is nostalgic in all the right places. Hitting the high notes of the suspense and tension of Halloween night.

The new movie is being produced by Jason Blum with David Gordon Green directing along side his writing partner Danny McBride. This looks freaking great and seems to be heading towards the best genre film of the year. The anticipation rises for its release of October 19th 2018.

Article written by Aaron Friar

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