[Book] A Slasher Book Worth Reading

“There’s Someone Inside Your House,” (originally published in September 2017), is the first horror book written by Stephanie Perkins and is set in the small, country town of Osborne, Nebraska.

Prior to the opening of the novel, Makani Young – the book’s main protagonist – left her home in Hawaii because of an incident she was involved in while on her high school’s swim team. Now living with her grandmother and a great deal of regret, she is trying to reinvent herself and become part of a small community, conscious of the fact that she will always be considered an outsider.

Early in the work, the audience gets to know Darby and Alex, two individuals who freely welcomed Makani to town and befriended her. Readers also learn that Makani has romantic feelings for the town sheriff’s younger brother Ollie.

While attempting to create a new life for herself, the town quickly begins to suffer a tragic sequence of events that would force Makani’s hand at trusting some people and fearing others.

As autumn begins, and so with it the new school year and football season, a popular student from the high school is brutally murdered inside her house. This murder was the first of many in which the intended victims were all from the town’s high school.

Makani, Ollie, Alex, and Darby are entrenched in the ensuing chaos.

Even though Perkins did not fully explore the actual killer (nor the reason for the killings) and seemed to rush the conclusion, fans of slasher movies likeScream will enjoy the book.

The read is quick. The language and dialogue is easy to navigate. The murders are many and gruesome. The whodunnit feel is intriguing.

Article written by Michael Donaldson

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